BSR DeepTech Launch

Regional agencies and deep tech clusters from Poland, Lithuania and Germany, together with a wide group of stakeholders, are developing efficient model for fostering STEM entrepreneurship.

Project Leader: Agencja Rozwoju Mazowsza SA

Project Partners: PPTF, OpTecBB, Lithuanian Innovation Center, RTO Lithuania

Project summary

The project is addressing the technology talent gap in BSR with a dedicated Toolbox for fostering DeepTech entrepreneurship – a set of readily available tools for inspiring students and young researchers to explore starting a business.

DeepTech innovations are expected to deliver transformative solutions for global challenges. Strong supply of DeepTech startups boosts innovation. Increased innovation in the economy provides better solutions for future crises. Inspiring potential startup founders and introducing skills development at the preincubation stage the Toolbox increases their chance for market success. The tools will be used in multiple configurations by actors supporting technology entrepreneurship such as business support organisations, sectoral agencies, higher education and research institutions. The toolbox is made available for other regions and technology areas. The activities include stakeholder needs analysis, joint preparation of workshops piloting the end solution, developing a final form of a toolbox based on the findings and providing wide dissemination of project results. Toolbox development will involve stakeholders feedback at all stages ensuring high efficiency and applicability of tools. Real testimonials, interactions and role playing will be used to empower students to gain valuable insights and personal experience. Toolbox implementation will prepare S/R to initiate business in any region and to cooperate transnationally.