The Tele and Radio Research Institute

The Tele and Radio Research Institute is a first class research institute pursuing comprehensive and multidisciplinary research and development works over highly developed technologies and innovations having viable prospects for implementation in many business sectors. The Institute is a body notified by the European Commission, number 1941. The operations of the Institute are focused on research on selected materials and electronic sub-assemblies, electronic assembly technologies and specialised ICT systems.

The line of business of the Institute involves research and development works and adaptation of results of these works to practical applications. The works are carried out by specialised Research and Innovative Centres assigned to priority directions of the Institute’s operations.

The Institute’s mission is being realised by conducting scientific and research work and by applying such works and preparing them for implementation at the industrial scale. These efforts are carried out by specialised Centres. 

Contact details:

ul. Ratuszowa 11
03-450 Warszawa 49
tel. 22 619 22 41