About us

Polish Technology Platform for Photonics was established on 27 February 2013.

The initiative to establish the Platform is a joint undertaking of companies, scientific units, agencies, associations and funds operating in Poland in the field of photonics.

The purpose of the EU initiative to build European Technology Platforms was to achieve significant effects of economic growth by initiating and implementing innovative activities in public and private partnership. By facing scientific and technical challenges specified in the Europe 2020 Strategy and in Polish strategic documents regarding the development of the country, at present photonics is one of EU key technologies.


“The mission is to increase the innovativeness of the Polish photonic industry by coordinating the actions of Polish businesses, scientific units, government and local authorities and non-governmental organisations related to the development of new technologies and opto-electronic products, improvement of staff qualifications and the extension of the range of applications of photonic technologies in Poland.”


“By 2030, Polish photonics is expected to become an influential and widely recognised European provider of key technologies and innovative products designed for use in national industry and in international markets, which is the result of the dynamic development of opto-electronics and photonics in Poland.“


‘Photonic technology as a stimulus to the development of modern industry in Poland’.