The Institute of Medical Technology and Medicine

The Institute of Medical Technology and Medicine (ITAM) in Zabrze is a research institute whose statutory activities involve research, development and implementation works in the area of medical technology. As far as its operations are concerned, the Institute can demonstrate over 40 years of tradition.

The operations of the Institute cover the area of high technologies. They conform to the directions of scientific studies as well as research and development works preferred in the country, aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the Polish economy.

The research and development works carried out at the Institute focus on the following directions of the medical technology:

  • diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases;
  • intensive care;
  • medical resuscitation;
  • medical rehabilitation;
  • biomedical engineering;
  • telemedicine;
  • application of computer technology in medicine;
  • safe operation of medical equipment;
  • testing, attestation and certification of medical equipment.

Contact details:

ul. Roosevelta 118
41-800 Zabrze
tel. +48 32 271 60 13