Perspectiva Solutions Sp. z o.o.

The mission of our company is to provide solutions in medical devices, industry, optoelectronics and photonics. We aim at highest quality of our products and full trust of our clients. Our main goals are the continuous growth of our employees and enterprise.

The primary area of interest of our company is production services of various electronic devices and cable harnesses. We support well established businesses but also start-ups in their R&D phases and in routine production. The substantial element of our offer is project management at R&D phase. We help with production engineering aspects already at design stage of your project to suggest most optimal methods of manufacturing of your product.

We have exerience in production of different kinds of devices and cabling for standard and highly demanding applications (medical devices, vacuum systems, avionic and space applications, wearable electronics – textronics, scientific instrumentation). We focus on small and mid-volume production. Perspectiva Solutions is also an OEM distributor of electronic connectors and components applicable in various branches of industry with a special focus on military, aviation, mining, chemical, automotive, and pharma industries. Our clients are industrial R&D teams, production facilities and research and development laboratories (R&D). The name of the company comes from the title of “Perspectiva” book written by Thomas Aquinas – a medieval philosopher and scientist. “Perspectiva” is an optics handbook. Norman Davies in his work on Polish history – “Gods playground” – states that the mother of Thomas Aquinas was Polish by her origin. Thus the “Perspectiva” book is regarded as first Polish handbook on optics. Our company has ambitions to provide pioneer optoelectronic solutions to its clients. For this reason the title Perspectiva was adapted for our company name.

We are open and anxious for new challenges. If you did not succeed to find the product you are interested in, please, do not hesitate to contact us via. We will do our best to help you to find you the right solution.

Contact details:

ul. Sitaniec 478
22-400 Zamość
tel. +48 730 709 490