InPhoTech sp. z o.o.

InPhoTech is a high profile company of advanced technologies which creates modern optical fiber solutions and implements them in industry. The company’s core business is the transfer of innovative solutions to industry and development and production of intellectual property in the field of photonics (referred to as the leading technology of the 21st century). InPhoTech’s unique Polish special optical fiber technology provides a flexible approach to solving the challenges faced by industry. This provides industry with an increased level of safety and efficiency, whilst enabling a rapid increase in productivity and competitiveness. The sectors to which InPhoTech solutions are addressed include: telecommunications, medicine, mining, oil and gas, defense, railway and many others. The company is open to challenges in new fields, making the impossible possible – thanks to photonics.

InPhoTech, whose headquarters is located in a modern research and development center near Warsaw, currently employs nearly one hundred people, comprising mainly scientists and engineers. It is probably the only Polish company with the ISO 9001 quality certificate awarded for service activities in the field of the development and implementation of innovative photonic solutions in modern technologies. This confirms the company’s professionalism and the high quality of the solutions it develops. InPhoTech’s goal is also to promote photonics, and build a strong Polish photonic sector, which has real potential to become a showcase for the development of the high-tech industry in Poland.

Contact details:

ul. Poznańska 400
05-850 Ołtarzew
tel. +48 22 378 48 91